To celebrate the special occasion of the 50th anniversary of the present St Joseph's Church, parishioners were invited to design and sew a piece of work depicting various aspects of church life.

'Little' Church, Cafod, St Joseph, First Communion, prayer Candle, Music, Altar server (girl), Altar server (boy), Youth to Lourdes, Garden, Church flowers, Altar servers, St Vincent de Paul, 1st Holy Communion, Dove of Peace, Christmas fair, Baptism, Deacon's wife, Line dancing, School activities, APF, Advent, Cleaners and Upton Hall Convent.

Congratulations and thank you to all the people involved in various ways, from the organisers, advisors, helpers and of course the nimble fingers of the needle workers:

Alice Jackson Joanne Potter Maxine Jordan
Anne Marie Forsey June Morrison Mena Kerslake
Brona McShane Maria Madden Naomi Wise
Carole Wise Marie Grunnill Natalie Jordan
Chris Welsh Marie Louise Isaac Peggy Salisbury
Emma Calvert Mary Bates Shirley Chadwick
Gwyneth Noblet Mary Bowers Val Talbot
Jackie Scanlon Mary Owens  
Joan Potter Maureen Evans


     Pennies Make Pounds - Penny jar at the back of church