Rota of Eucharistic Ministers, 1st March 2020 to 31st May 2020





1 March 2020 1st Sunday of Lent P O'Brien C Calvert 
M Parkinson A Devine

8 March 2020 2nd Sunday of Lent J Potter G Eagle 
K Power P Francis 

15 March 2020 3rd Sunday of Lent S Thompson M Gajewski 
U Duffy J Grice 

22 March 2020 4th Sunday of Lent M Evans B Grunill 
M Isaac D Jinoy 

29 March 2020 5th Sunday of Lent Y Maddocks H Lloyd 
F Murphy C Rarety 

5 April 2020 Palm Sunday T Noblet I Rarety 
P O'Brien D Reji 

12 April 2020

Easter Sunday

M Parkinson C Wise 
J Potter P Ainslie 

19 April 2020 2nd Sunday of Easter K Power P Burton 
S Thompson C Calvert 

26 April 2020 3rd Sunday of Easter U Duffy A Devine 
M Evans G Eagle 

3 May 2020 4th Sunday of Easter M Isaac P Francis 
Y Maddocks M Gajewski 

10 May 2020 5th Sunday of Easter F Murphy J Grice 
T Noblet B Grunnill 

17 May 2020 6th Sunday of Easter P O'Brien D Jinoy 
M Parkinson H Lloyd 

24 May 2020 7th Sunday of Easter J Potter C Rarety 
K Power I Rarety 

31 May 2020 Pentecost S Thompson D Reji 
U Duffy C Wise