One of Father McGonagle's main concerns on arriving in Upton was the overcrowding in the primary school, numbers had continued to rise, reaching 203 in 1960.

St Joseph's owned a plot of land and the white cottage (old toll house) next to the church building, but this was too small and was outside the new building line dictated by the town planners.

In 1959 a search started for a location for the new school, and various places were suggested - behind the Victory Hall, in part of the grounds at Upton Manor, or even within the grounds of Upton Hall. Eventually, in 1960, Mr Chapman, who owned the rest of the land between the church and the village, agreed to sell the land.

The new school was approved by the LEA and the Town Planning Committee and work started in February 1965. The building of the school was completed in 9½ months and opened on January 10th 1966.

The Architects for the new school were Reynolds and Scott, and the total cost of the project was £69,000.


The old school closed on December 31st 1965, which ended the one hundred and two year association of the Sisters FCJ with the school. The last FCJ headmistress was Sister Christine Hayes, also on the staff at this time was Sister Mary Joseph Pemberton, who had been appointed in 1943.

The building stands on an outcrop of rock, a panel of this rock has been incorporated in the front elevation, adjacent to the main entrance.

Bishop Grasar carried out the official opening and blessing of the School on May 3rd 1966.